Patient Reviews

Friendly office atmosphere. Accommodating personnel, Erin and Joan are always able to schedule my last minute appointment requests. Dr Frio is the best chiropractor I have been to. He's the only one that truly was able to make me feel better. Dr. Frio is very thorough and listens attentively. By the various methods that Dr Frio uses, he is always able to pinpoint all of my trouble spots. Dr. Frio has healing hands! Every single time I walk out of Dr. Frio's office, I feel brand new. I highly recommend Dr Frio.


Dr. Frio is a gem and has helped me so much with my pain management! He is warm, welcoming, and so genuine. He is thorough, attentive, and makes sure I leave his office feeling better than when I entered. Dr. Frio also gives instructions for home care including simple exercises, pressure point placements, and the use of hot or cold on a particular painful body part.


Dr Frio has helped me and my 2 children tremendously. My 5 year old daughter was having back and neck pain and he figured out what her pediatrician and a NYC pediatric spinal specialist could not. She was growing so fast she needed more vitamin D! Now her pain is gone, and our minds are at ease that she is healthy! Dr Frio also helped my 2 year old after she suffered 2 concussions in 8 weeks, giving her a "baby" adjustment. He is really a physician for the whole family! Erin and the support staff are also wonderful, very kind and helpful. Can't recommend him enough!!


Dr. Frio is wonderful! He is extremely thorough with everything he does and very professional.


Frio is the Best. He I swear knows everything! Best in his business!!


Dr. Frio is amazing! I had severe neck pain coupled with headaches for a year and a half after my first pregnancy. I had been trying to use ibuprofen to treat it, but it only took the edge off of my pain. Once I started to experience a burning sensation and numbness in my back, I decided it was time to see a chiropractor. I am so happy I chose Dr. Frio. He did an extensive exam to pinpoint areas of weakness and pain in my body. He thoroughly explained what was causing my issues and with a few adjustments, it all went away. His bedside manor is among the best I've encountered, and I look forward to seeing him.


Doctor Frio and his staff are AMAZING!. I have to be honest - I am terrified of going to the doctor, but I was in excruciating pain and I was able to book an appointment very easily for that day. Doc was very sympathetic, kind, and caring - he told me everything that was going on and put me right at ease. You think I'm joking but I practically crawled into the office in pain and felt so much better after my 1st adjustment. Between subsequent visits and my "homework" it's a week later and I am feeling great! Highly recommend!


I have been to may chiropractors and Dr. Frio is hands down THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS! He has a unique technique that enables him to pinpoint what is out of alignment that is causing pain, weakness, etc. He takes his time, examines everything, and treats you until the problem is fixed. I had a pain in my back for 3 years and after three sessions with Dr. Frio I have been pain free for over two years. He's also a great guy and the office staff is very nice. They have several locations in the area. I highly recommend Dr. Frio!